SAP HR Interview Questions

What is user exit?

What is MSN 20, MSN 30 etc ?

What is RHINTE00,10,20 Etc?

What is work center and org unit?

What is cost centre and controlling area?


What is TM00, TM01, TM02, TM04? WHEN THEY ARE USED?

Where we will create the Vendor and vendor address?. Who is the vendor?

What is a dynamic action. Give me an example and its configuration?

What is the difference between a view and table? for eg what is v_512w and T_512w? What are
the transaction codes for both?

How will you create the Garnishment order type?

Where you will integrate the US payroll and benefits ?

How do you identify the different info types of wage types? Can we will use the US payroll
indirect evaluation modules in Indian payroll ?

What is the difference of T020, T015, To16, and T010? And what is the difference of automatic
approval and manual approval ?

What is the relationship between the processing class , cumulations and evaluation class in the schema ?

What is the difference between these two tables,, that are v_512w_d, and v_512w_b? and also
let me know the relation?

Can we will use the US payroll indirect evaluation modules in Indian payroll?

How do you identify the different info types of wage types ?

What is counting (T556c) and counting class (T554c), what is the difference between cumulations and wage types cumulation?

What is a infotype header? explain?

What is a plan version? what is the functionality or use?

What is default position in Org management?

What is account assignment feature? and what is the advantage of cost centres? and What is cost

What is the difference between work schedule and work schedule rule?

If an organization has offices in diff locations(states) in India? Is SAP be implemented in all the
areas or run from a single location?

What is the relationship b/n a processing class, and schemas?

Could anybody please tell the relationship b/n schema, PCR & operations and functions?

What is the difference between Simple Maintenance and Detailed Maintenance?

How do you activate an Employee in IMG?

What is Symbolic Amount?

How do you calculate Retroaccounting Amounts?

How do you identify different Wage types?

What is the difference of counting(t556c) and counting class (Absence valuationT554c).
Similarly, difference of cumulation and wagetype cumulation?

What is the difference between the Positive time recording and negative time recording without time evaluation?

What is in-period and for-period?

What is SLAB?

How many tables are there in oracle hrms? why is the necessity of 1 st formula?

What is fit gap analysis? how can you fit the gap?

How to assign the deductions ex – PF, ESI, PT, TDS in Indian payroll ?

What is the integration between HR and other modules. What is the configuration of this one ?

If a company is having 2 company codes in 2 diff countries and maintaining 2 diff fiscal yrs
(India, US), when Indian country is going to prepare Consolidated balance sheet in March, how

can we receive data from US company code? How it is configured ?

In APP we are making payments on every Friday. If client wants to make in between Friday is it possible. How it is?

Can we have 2 different fiscal years to 1 company code at the same time?

How many ways can we run depreciation in live environment?

What are the 2 features in time management?

What are the 5 infotypes in US payroll?

What is DYNPRO?

I want to run payroll for monthly, weekly and semi monthly same day, for this i need to create
different date modifiers or single date modifier?

How can integrate this BSI tax software to Payroll?

How will you create a Loss of Pay Absence?

How can you Copy Org. structure from other structure? What is the T-Code for that and process path?

How do you derive amounts in payroll?

How do you map various functions of HR in SAP?

What is an Export mode and how do you use it and what for?

What is the use of structural authorizations?

How do you transfer data from PA to OM. ?

What was the type of time recording you used in time management. Positive or negative?

What is meant by wage type characteristics? Explain it by taking the example of Basic Pay ?

What is the difference between exempt employee and non exempt employee?

What were the reports generated by you in payroll?

What is the taxation you used for USA. ?

How did you create pay scale structure?

How did you integrate Payroll with Financial Accounting for Payroll processing?

What are primary and secondary wage types? What does /559 stand for?

What were the payroll periods for the payroll?

Did you work on gross or net payroll? What’s the third party tool used in it?

How do you derive amounts in payroll?

How do you map various functions of HR in SAP?

What is meant by slab? How is Indian slab and US slab?

Give me a brief description of the IT Tax? Give me a brief description of the IT Tax

What is the difference b/n Indian and US Payroll ?

What is meant by authorization? Did you ever work on it?

How do you restrict the data to be entered in payroll area?

What is meant by a schema?

What is meant by payscale structure? How did you configure payscale structure? How do you
import payscale data from non SAP to SAP?.

Which wages types are to be copied for Indian Payroll. and also tell me how to run Indian
payroll ?

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