Dynamically ZIP Large process trace files -ORACLE DB SCRIPT

Purpose: Dynamically zip a process's trace file
Synopsis: @trc_zip
Description: This script creates a named pipe in place of the process's
trace file and spawns a gzip process to compress it.


column trc_file new_value trc_file noprint
column zip_file new_value zip_file noprint

select p.value || '/ora_' || u.spid || '.trc' trc_file,
p.value || '/ora_' || u.spid || '.trc.gz' zip_file
from sys.v_$session s,
sys.v_$process u,
sys.v_$parameter p
where s.audsid = userenv('SESSIONID')
and u.addr = s.paddr
and p.name = 'user_dump_dest'

set define :
host mknod :trc_file p && nohup gzip < :trc_file > :zip_file &
set define &

alter session set max_dump_file_size = unlimited

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