WlShell Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start wlshell on a text-only terminal? Can I start wlshell in text-only mode?

The file .wlshrc usually contains the "explore" command at the end of it. This command will start the graphical wlshell explorer. To start wlshell without starting the explorer, edit the .wlshrc file and comment this line out or remove it.

My MBean name contains special characters like slash ("/"), how can I access it?

Some characters like forward slash ("/"), backward slash ("\"), the at sign ("@") or the exclamation mark ("!"), have special meaning in wlshell. For instance, the slash ("/" or "\") is the directory delimiter. If the MBean name has any of these characters, they need to be escaped. The rule is to use the same special character as the escape secuence, therefore entering the same character twice.

#to access the MBean /JMSQueue/sender/queue
cd /JMSQueue/sender//queue

#to access the MBean /JMSQueue/sender\queue
cd /JMSQueue/sender\\queue

#to access the MBean /JMSQueue/sender!queue
cd /JMSQueue/sender!!queue

#to access the MBean /JMSQueue/sender@queue
cd /JMSQueue/sender@@queue

Can I use wlshell with Ant?

Yes, wlshell can be used with Ant to automate WebLogic configurations. See the Using Ant section for more information.

How do I specify long values?

long values can be specified by adding the character "l" or "L" at the end of the integer number.

millis = 10000L

Can I customize how wlshell logs information?

Yes, it can be customized. See the logging section.

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