SAP SCRIPT Interview Questions

How to Call Subroutine in Sap Script?

In production system there are includes like /SMB40/M07DRTOP, /SMB40/M07DRMTA, but there’s no Print program /SMB40/M07DR. That program is on developer server.

How can I install program /SMB40/M07DR on production server?

in the smartform we have a folder option .i don’t know what is the use of this folder? if any body knows please answer this question?

What happens when a smartform is activated?

Can we create a smartform without a MAIN window? give me the reason ?

What are the labels? do we use them in SAP Scripts/Smartforms?

What are barcodes? how can we use them?

I have created a form with my own driver program, but, when I am executing the driver
program it is giving “form is not in original language EN & has no errors” How can I correct it?

What is MANUE field in NAST table? what is its purpose? what for it is used in SAP Script? How
can we use that field in our own driver program? & Where Standard Driver programs reside?

what is the tcode & path for finding the standard driver programs?

What is a label and why labels are not generated in smart forms ?

What is the way to migrate From sap-script to smartform?

How we can use Bar codes in Sap-script?

How we download the SAP Script in text format?

What is the difference between window & page window?

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