Does your WLS File Store grow in size?

JMS Server in WLS only removes the messages that are expired once in every expiration scan interval (A JMS Server level config). The destination may have expired message sitting in them if the expiration scan interval property is set to a high value. For ex. 1800 will cause the JMS Server to scan for expired messages once in 30 mins. Still applications cannot receive the expired messages - they will be sitting in the destination. But it doesn’t automatically do any compaction per se. So the file size of the WLS File Store may keep increasing. This might cause slow startup of the server.

You can perform manual offline compaction in the following ways:

•There is a Java command-line utility that can do this trick "". See Edocs for more info.

•A WLST command called "compactstore" can also do the same trick. See Edocs for more info.

Note that this compaction is supported only for WLS File Stores and not for JDBC Stores as they don't suffer with the same issue of compaction.

The Java command-line utility " can also be used to dump the contents of a store into an XML file for troubleshooting purpose.

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