Servlets Interview Questions

Can Servlet have instance variables?

Can we create more than one ServletContext and ServletConfig in your application ?

How the jsp page can be regenerated?

When you compiling the Servlet is it necessary to restart the tomcat server?

Where the generated jsp source file are stored?

How the server will know its the same jsp page?

When the jsp page is translated to servlet?

I have class files in class folder. but I have no java files. but i want to modify
the java files which are related to class files . how ?

How can we create object to a class in a jsp file?

We can’t Override Jsp Service method? Why?

Can u tell me that why there is need of “init()” , i mean why can not we initialize
the Servlet object with the help of constructors?

What is the difference If we write the code in following manner class One extends
httpservlet { } and class One extends genericservlet { } ?

What is the difference between Servlet Config and Servlet context ?

Can you send the mail from a servlet ,if yes tell how?

Is it possible to call servlet with parameters in the URL?

Why should we go for interservlet communication?

What are cookies and how will you use them?

How do you track a user session in servlets?

If you want to modify the Servlet, will the Webserver need to be Shutdown ?

What is use of parseQueryString ?

What is the difference between an applet and a Servlet?

Can i call destroy() method in init() method of Servlet ?

Can i call init() method in destroy() method of Servlet. ?

What are the types of process that could help to maintain the Session? Explain ?

Which method the Servlet container call to create the instance of the Servlet?

Directive Include and Action Include how both are working in JSP, what is the
difference between both? In which situation we have to choose these elements?

Difference between Include, Forward and sendRedirect in Servlet?

What is the difference between Servlet and JSP? Advantage of JSP over Servlet? Any
How ThreadSafe page attribute will be working in Servlet as well as in JSP?

What is difference between Forward() and sendRedirect() method?

What advantages do Servlets have over CGI programs?

What is Servlet life cycle?

How we can check in particular page the session will be alive or not ?

Can we override the ActionServlet?

What is Servlet Chaining? How do you do the Filtering in Servlets?

How do you pass the data from one servlet to another servlet?

How to deal with multi-valued parameters in a servlet?

How to set a cookie that is persisted only for the duration to the clients session?

How to pass a request object of one servlet as a request object to another servlet?

How long do servlets last?

How to prevent browser from caching the page content?

What is a session object?

What is servlet?

Is the init(ServletConfig sc) throws IOException or not?

What is SSL?

In which cases Destroy() is invoked?

What is meant by servlet to servlet communication?

HTTP tunneling means what?

How to maintain security in servlets?

How to make servlet thread safe?

What are the disadvantages of cookies?

How the HTML data stored in web server?

How do you maintain sessions in servlets?

How can you give alias to servlets?

What are the different services provided by the web server?

What are binding listeners?

How can you maintain servlet chaining?

Life Cycle of servlets?

What is servlet and what you get when we use servlets?

What are the CGI Programs?

What are the Internal servlets maintained by the web server?

Where the session data will stored?

Why setMaxAge() and getMaxAge() methods are used in Cookies?

In servlets, Why do we need both GET and POST method implementations?

What is the need of session tracking in HttpServlet ?

init() method of servlet loaded by?

When the methods init() and Distroy() will be called?

What is with the javax.servlet package naming?

What methods do we use in Servlet to Applet communication?

What is use of parseQueryString?

Name the webserver that is used to run Servlets?

What are setSecure() and getSecure() methods in Cookies?

What are setComment and getComment methods in Cookies?

What is the use of Servlets?

What is the role of the webserver?

What is the protocol used by Server & Client?

Explain the methods in Generic and HTTP Servlets?

Explain the difference between GET and POST methods?

What is the difference between ExecuteUpdate and ExecuteQuery?

What is the advantage of using Servlets over CGI programming?

What is the default HttpRequest method?

What is the capacity that doGet method can send to the server?

What is the advantage of Servlets when compared with other server side technologies?

What is the ServletConfig() and what is its use?

How a user session can be tracked in servlets?

What is servlet tunnelling?

What is servlet exception?

What is ServletContext() and what is its use?

What are the parameters of the service method ?

What is context switching?

What is Client-Server Computing?

What is a Proxy Server?

What is a Session Id?

What is URL Rewriting ?

What is Servlet Context?

What is Server-Side Includes?

What is HTTP Session ?

What is DSN and System DSN and what is the difference between them?

What are different types of SessionTracking?

What are the types of ServletEngines?

What are different types of Servlets?

What type of protocols are used in HttpServlet?

What are the security issues in Servlets?

What are the methods in HttpSession and their use?

What are the methods in HttpServlet?

What are the exceptions thrown by Servlets?

Name the servers that can be used to develop and deploy Servlets?

What are the classes and interfaces for servlets?

How are Sessions are more advantage than using of Cookies or URLReWriting?

What is session variable in servlets?

What are cookies and how will you use them?

What happens, when client requests for server object, which is not yet loaded into
the memory?

Explain life cycle of a Servlet?

What is multiple server?

In howmany ways applet-servlet communication can be done?

Explain in detail about applet to servlet communication?

Can a servlet be called by passing its name as a parameter in the URL?

Which type of data passing is used in realtime?

How will you open a new page after certain interval of time (5 sec), on clicking of
a button in an html page?

Is there any need to shutdown the web server, if you want to modify a servlet?

How do you create connections for number of users, if you want to improve

How session tracking can be achieved, if your browser doesn’t support cookies (or)
if cookies are disabled?

What happens, if server sends a cookie to a browser that doesn’t supports cookies?

What methodology can be followed to store more number of objects in a remote server?

How values can be passed from HTML page to servlet?

What are the way a client can be tracked?

How many Cookies can a host support?

How to handle the debug errors in servlets?

How to pass JavaBeans data to JSP using Servlets?

How an Image can be loaded in a Servlet ?

How to invoke a Servlet?

What method is used to create database connection in servlets?

How to debug a servlet?

How variables can be accessed across the sessions?

How threads are implemented in servlets?

How multiple simultaneous requests can be handled by servlets?

How native code can be used in a servlet?

How servlets can be automatically reloaded?

How to run a servlet program?

Can threads be used in Servelet?

What is the difference between doGet and doPost?

What are the difference between HttpServlet and GenericServlets?

Is it possible to send a mail from a servlet? Explain?

Can we use servlets in JavaScript?

Can we use javascript in Servlets?

What is Single Threaded Model in Servlets? Explain this with an example?

What is Generic Servlet and how it is different from Http Servlet?

What is HTTP Tunneling?

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