Web Methods, Tibco, JCaps Interview Questions

How to delete Local Area Network Connection #2

what are different phase of SDLC in a banking domain development ?

what kind of interview questions are asked for BA IT banking Domain ?

what is the role BA in IT Banking domain ??

How to testing jcaps application using junit and other testing tools?

When and why should we use transformers and flow services? How are they different from each other?

How do I connect different software which belongs to different vendors?

What is Integration?

What is EAI? What are the tools are used?

What is Modeler

how to create adapters?how to connect adapters? and how to build?

what is soap? how to use soap?

what is global variables?

how to create adapters?how to connect adapters? and how to build?

How to create a link between variables?

What are Structural transformations ?

How to Change the Order of Steps in a Flow Service?

How to use SEQUENCE as the Target of a BRANCH?

How to Move Flow Steps?

How ACLs Affect locking?

How to remove a system lock from an element?

How to find dependents of a selected element on the server?

How to open a session on a different server?

What is a flat file schema and what are its uses?

How to Find Elements in the Navigation Panel?

How to Rename and Delete Elements?

How to Restore a Session on a Server?

What Is Developer?

What Is an Element?

What happens to the locks on elements when we replicate a package?

Should we archive derived files?

In webMethods Integration Platform, where is the lock information stored (such as names of
elements that are locked, when they were locked, etc.)?

What happens to the locks on elements when we upgrade webMethods Integration Platform?

Can we multi-select elements to lock or unlock in the Navigation Panel?

What is the difference between a system locked element and a read-only element?

When to Unlock an Element?

When to Lock an Element?

How to Know Who Has an Element Locked?

What Is a Lock?

How to Create an ACL?

What Happens When a Client Runs a Service with ACLs?

What Is an ACL?

What Is a Replication Service?

What Is a Shutdown Service?

What Is a Startup Service?

What Is a Package?

When Is a Copy of the Input Pipeline Saved in the Audit Log?

What Are Input and Output Parameters?

What Is a Flow Step?

What Is a Flow Service?

What Does a Flow Service Look Like in Diagram View?

When Should You Use Flow Diagram View?

What Is Flow Diagram View?

What Is Dimensionality?

What Are Transformers?

What Is the Pipeline Editor?

What Does an IS Schema Look Like?

How to Create an IS Schema?

What Is Data Validated Against?

What Is Data Validation?

What Happens When a Breakpoint is Encountered?

How Java Services Are Organized on the webmethods Server?

Is Source Control the Same as Locking?

What Is a Third-Party Source Control Application?

How webMethods Developer Supports Tables?

What Is a Regular Expression?

What Happens When an Event Occurs?

What Are Event Handlers?

Can you spell SAP, ERP, CRM, XML and EDI properly?

Can you spell “Webmethods” properly in the language of your choice?

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