Data Stage Interview Questions

Tell me What is the main advantage of Stage variables? Project level hints?

Explain the functionality of your current project?

What is mapping?

What is lookup table?

What is meta data? Explain? Where it is used?

Hi All, Could you please let me know whether Datastage server and px supports oredb?

OREDB:It’s a Oracle Retail Embedded Database. Previously It was called as Acumate data base.

It’s a multidimensional database. Please help me on this issue ASAP.

How did you reconcile source with target?

What modeling tool do you use?

How do u set a default value to a column if the column value is NULL?

How do u view log file for a particular job?

What is isolation level and when do u use them?

What are the different database update actions available?

How do u call shellscript/Batch file from DS?

How do you read Sequential file from job control?

Tell me about Datastage trigger?

What is exact difference between Parallel Jobs and server Jobs..

How can we run same job in 1 day 2 times

What is pre-load in Hashed file

what is the difference between datasatge and datastage TX?

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