XML Integration Interview Questions »


1. What is XML?
2. What is the version information in XML?
3. What is ROOT element in XML?
4. If XML does not have closing tag will it work?
5. Is XML case sensitive?
6. What’s the difference between XML and HTML?
7. Is XML meant to replace HTML?
8. Can you explain why your project needed XML?
9. What is DTD (Document Type definition)?
10. What is well formed XML?
11. What is a valid XML?
12. What is CDATA section in XML?
13. What is CSS?
14. What is XSL?
15. What is Element and attributes in XML?
16. Can we define a column as XML?
17. How do we specify the XML data type as typed or untyped?
18. How can we create the XSD schema?
19. How do I insert in to a table which has XSD schema attached to it?
20. What is maximum size for XML datatype?
21. What is Xquery?
22. What are XML indexes?
23. What are secondary XML indexes?
24. What is FOR XML in SQL Server?
25. Can I use FOR XML to generate SCHEMA of a table and how?
26. What is the OPENXML statement in SQL Server?
27. I have huge XML file which we want to load in database?
28. How to call stored procedure using HTTP SOAP?
29. What is XMLA?

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