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1. Can you explain JSP page life cycle?
2. What is EL?
3. how does EL search for an attribute?
4. What are the implicit EL objects in JSP?
5. How can we disable EL?
6. what is JSTL?
7. Can you explain in short what the different types of JSTL tags are?
8. How can we use beans in JSP?
9. What is tag for
10. What are JSP directives?
11. what are Page directives?
12. what are include directives?
13. Can you explain taglib directives?
14. How does JSP engines instantiate tag handler classes instances?
15. what’s the difference between JavaBeans and taglib directives?
16. what are the different scopes an object can have in a JSP page?
17. what are different implicit objects of JSP?
18. what are different Authentication Options available in servlets?
19. Can you explain how do we practically implement security on a resource?
20. How do we practically implement form based authentication?
21. How do we authenticate using JDBC?
22. Can you explain JDBCRealm?
23. Can you explain how do you configure JNDIRealm?
24. How did you implement caching in JSP?
25. How do we prevent browser from caching output of my JSP pages?
26. Can we explicitly destroy a servlet object?

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