Data Warehousing/Data Mining Interview Questions »


1. What is “Data Warehousing”?
2. What are Data Marts?
3. What are Fact tables and Dimension Tables?
4. What is Snow Flake Schema design in database?
5. What is ETL process in Data warehousing?
6. How can we do ETL process in SQL Server?
7. What is “Data mining”?
8. Compare “Data mining” and “Data Warehousing”?
9. What is BCP?
10. How can we import and export using BCP utility?
11. In BCP we want to change field position or eliminate some fields how can we achieve this?
12. What is Bulk Insert?
13. What is DTS?
14. Can you brief about the Data warehouse project you worked on?
15. What is an OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) System?
16. What is an OLAP (On-line Analytical processing) system?
17. What is Conceptual, Logical and Physical model?
18. What is Data purging?
19. What is Analysis Services?
20. What are CUBES?
21. What are the primary ways to store data in OLAP?
22. What is META DATA information in Data warehousing projects?
23. What is multi-dimensional analysis?
24. What is MDX?
25. How did you plan your Data ware house project?
26. What are different deliverables according to phases?
27. Can you explain how analysis service works?
28. What are the different problems that “Data mining” can solve?
29. What are different stages of “Data mining”?
30. What is Discrete and Continuous data in Data mining world?
31. What is MODEL is Data mining world?
32. How are models actually derived?
33. What is a Decision Tree Algorithm?
34. Can decision tree be implemented using SQL?
35. What is Naïve Bayes Algorithm?
36. Explain clustering algorithm?
37. Explain in detail Neural Networks?
38. What is Back propagation in Neural Networks?
39. What is Time Series algorithm in data mining?
40. Explain Association algorithm in Data mining?
41. What is Sequence clustering algorithm?
42. What are algorithms provided by Microsoft in SQL Server?
43. How does data mining and data warehousing work together?
44. What is XMLA?
45. What is Discover and Execute in XMLA?

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