Differences between weblogic Versions 8 Vs 9/10

Weblogic 8
Weblogic 9/10
Console is an applet and uses JCX JCS JPF and Netui page flows Console is portal and uses JSTL (JSP 2.0)
No folder called config Folder called config is available
No Prepare state for application. Only active state Prepare state for application, This optimises memory utilization.
No app inf lib and classes App inf lib and app inf classes are added
Persistant store is defined Under JMS Persistant store is defined Under JDBC
We have connection pools and datasources We have datasources and connection pools are inside datasources.
We have exclude queues. We have work managers
No lock and edit Lock and edit is the new feature
We need to delete and redeploy from admin console We can update the application using admin console
All configuration information is in one config.xml Seperate xml files for domain config and jms modules are added
No concept of JMS modules and sub deployments Jms modules and subdeployments are included.
Queue/topic is configured under distributed destination Queue/topic/dd etc are all clubbed in a JMS modules
Side by site deployment is not possible Side by side deployment is possible
Server dosent come up if deployment fails Server boots in ADMIN mode if deployment failes

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  1. Differences between weblogic Versions 9 Vs 10

    Anonymous says:

    IN weblogic 8, we can have only one managed server and it can act as admin too. Can that happen in version 10 also. Can weblogic 10 have only one managed server without an explicit admin server

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